Data protection and money laundering

Money Laundering
To comply with Money Laundering Regulations, it is necessary for you to produce one item from List A and one from List B (as detailed below) as proof of your identity and your address. The firm must have the originals and if you can arrange for them to be delivered to the office then we can obtain copies and hand your original documents back to you. Alternatively, we can accept copies certified by a Solicitor or other. No substantial work can be carried out on your file until the firm is in receipt of your identification documents. If you cannot produce the necessary documents, then please contact the office.

  • List A
    Current Valid Full Passport
    Valid UK Driving Licence Bank Statement less than 3 months old
    Valid British Forces ID card

  • List B
    Receipted Utility Bill less than 3 months old
    Bank Statement less than 3 months old
    Council Tax Bill less than 3 months old
    Credit Card Statement less than 3 months old
    Building Society passbook
    Mortgage statement
    Council Rent Book – showing rent paid to date
    Firearm and Shot Gun Certificate

Please also note that as a result of The Law Society Rules on the prevention of money laundering, this firm is unable to accept amounts of cash in excess of £500.00.

Storage of papers and deeds
Following the conclusion of your case, the firm will retain your file of papers for such a period as we shall deem appropriate in our absolute discretion. A client who requires such papers to be kept for any specific period shall seek agreement with us to that effect and, in the event of no agreement, we reserve the right to require the client to take personal custody of the papers. 

We supply a safe custody service to clients in respect of Wills, as agreed by us, and other documents and no charge will be made to the client for such storage.

Data Protection Act Information Requests
If we hold data about you and you wish to make a request under the GDPR or Data Protection Act then you should address this in writing to Daniel Berry at Vincent Sykes Solicitors 4 West Street Oundle Peterborough PE8 4EF. Please note that we are unable to divulge information to anyone other than the person to whom the data relates.



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