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Private Equity

We can provide expert advice in respect of investments into private companies and partnerships to management teams, debt providers and private equity institutions to help them through each stage of the investment process.

Whether we are advising the management team or the investor we understand that there is delicate balance to be struck between gaining a valuable return from the investment and minimising risk.

We can advise on amending the capital structure of your company in order to ensure that it is more attractive to equity investment.

We are used to working seamlessly with accountants and tax advisors to help to ensure that the investment obtains the best tax reliefs that may be available.

What we can help with:

  • advice on the balance of risk to ensure the terms of the investment is fair as between the investors and management;

  • private equity investments, including management buy-outs and management buy-ins

  • debt facilities for transactions;

  • debt for equity restructurings; and

  • joint ventures.

Image by Scott Graham
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